Meals on Wheels, Weston, CT

About Meals on Wheels in Weston, Connecticut


Meals on Wheels is a non-profit, volunteer-based service that delivers nutritious meals in Weston, CT to people who are elderly or disabled, homebound, and unable to prepare their own meals.

In Weston, the program is sponsored and subsidized by the Town of Weston through the Weston Department of Human Services (203-222-2663).

The volunteer driver program is organized by the Weston Women's League's volunteer MOW driver coordinator.

Meals on Wheels in Weston are delivered Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. One volunteer driver uses his or her own car to pick up and deliver all the meals. In Weston, the list of recipient households is 12 or under. It usually takes from 1.5 to 2 hours to deliver all the meals.

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MOW Contacts

Dept. of Social Services:
Charlene Chiang-Hillman - Director
Suzanne Friedman (Assistant)
Weston Social Worker:
Phone: 203-222-2663
FAX: 203-222-8871

Webmaster and MOW Driver Coordinator:
Johanna Pfund
Phone: 203-221-7590
Cell: 203-858-9946

Delivery Instructions

Meals on Wheels in Weston are delivered Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. One volunteer driver uses his or her own car to pick up and deliver approximately 12 meals. It takes from 1.5 to 2 hours to deliver all the meals. Meals on Wheels are delivered regardless of weather or holidays except in unsafe conditions.

Drivers sign-up on any basis (using the online signup system available to registered users) that suits their schedule. Any level of participation is appreciated.

PICKUP IS AT 11:30 A.M. AT WESTON TOWN HALL. Call Displatch 203-222-2666 on holidays to access kitchen.

Each recipient usually gets 2 hot bags and 2 cold bags. Names are marked on bags. If the numbers of meals do not match what is on the recipient list, please phone one of the MOW contacts as soon as possible to check.

When delivering, refer to the instructions on the recipient list (which is available upon sign-in to this site). If no one comes to the door, leave the meals somewhere obvious and call one of the contacts so we can follow up.

If you have reason to believe that the occupant of the house needs assistance, call Weston Police at 203-222-2666. In an emergency, call 911. Please follow up with one of the MOW contacts.

Directions to Pick-Up

Weston Town Hall
56 Norfield Rd
Weston, CT
From Weston Center travel South on Weston Road. Turn left on Norfield Rd. Take the FIRST LEFT into driveway to the Weston Fire House. Before you reach the fire house, turn right. The door furthest to the right is the door to the basement of Town Hall. Park in front of that door (I have been assured that it's okay although there is "NO PARKING" painted on the asphalt in front of the door). When you enter the door, turn right and go through the door marked "Meals on Wheels" into the staff kitchen. IF TOWN HALL IS CLOSED, please go to the dispatch (door to the left) and request entry to the basement of Town Hall. The MOW refridgerator is the BLACK REFRIDGERATOR on the left as you enter the kitchen through the door. The meals are in bags in the refridgerator, blue for hot meals, white for cold meals. They should be labeled. Match the meals to your recipient list and if there is a discrepancy, please call Charlene Chiang-Hillman.

In Case of Bad Weather

Please use your best judgment when scheduled to deliver during bad weather. If you feel that your vehicle is not well suited to driving in snow or ice, do not feel compelled to put your own safety at risk. Either get a substitute, or call Johanna Pfund (203-858-9946) as soon as possible. If you are in the middle of the route and find that one of the intended recipient's driveways is too bad to negotiate, do not deliver the meal: CALL US AS SOON AS POSSIBLE and we will arrange for something to be done.